Information Sources

Here are some links to railway and model railway sites; including ones with information about the Elham Valley Railway.

Books & Magazines

'The Elham Valley Line', Hart B, 1984 Wild Swan (currently out of print)


'The Elham Valley Railway', Hart B. Wild Swan 2015


'Branch Lines around Canterbury', Mitchell V & Smith K, 1995 Middleton Press


'The Origins of a Kentish Railway the Elham Valley Line', Forwood M,


Winter 1973/4, Cantium a magazine of Kent Local History


Film of Elham Valley Line in the War - HMG Boche Buster

See the 12 minute film on You Tube by using this link


On Line Video

Trams, trolleybuses, buses, steam and electric railways, paddle-steamers, shipping; vintage film from 1896 to footage of today's operating tramways ONLINE VIDEO offers over 130 videos.




The South Eastern & Chatham Railway Society


Southern Electric Group


Website  providing information on liveries used on railway buildings in Britain




National Railway Museum


Elham Valley Line Trust at Peene where items from the Elham Valley Railway can be seen


Ashford Museum which has displayed information on the South Eastern Railway Works in the town